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Our services are designed to help beginning and burgeoning novelists get their story into shape for either self-publishing or literary agent review. We love a challenge, so don’t be afraid to submit!
Prices are based on a standard Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced page.

Here’s the menu:

(Better) Beta Read: Added bonus: If you like your Beta Read and want to upgrade to a full edit, you’ll get a discount! For manuscripts up to 100,000 words, Beta Reads are a flat fee of $325. 

(Better) Beta Read

This service includes reading your book and then sending a report (new document) with thoughts on the plot, characters, setting, writing style, and narrative flow. While it doesn’t include line-by-line edits or spelling/grammar corrections, it’ll give you a good idea of what your story does well, and what things you need to work on.


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Line-by-line Edit: This service includes a review of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, fact-checking, and technical format review (i.e. spacing and formatting issues). We’ll also highlight problem issues like awkward phrasing or dialogue, clichés, and passive voice. Your work will be reviewed using track changes in Word.
Cost: Starts at $2.00 per page

Full Content Edit: This service includes proofreading, line-by-line edits, and feedback regarding theme, structure, characters, voice, writing quality, problem spots, and other content elements.
Cost: Starts at $3.00 per page

1st Chapter Review: Perfect for those who plan on pitching their work!

First Chapter Review

This is great for someone who really wants their opening pages to shine. We’ll provide comments and suggestions for your elevator pitch, as well as a line-by-line edit of your first chapter (up to 3,500 words).


Second Look: If you have already implemented the changes that we suggest, and you want us to go back over the manuscript again, we’d be happy to! This service is more of a Beta Read, with feedback provided via comments and some line editing. We’ll also give you a blurb for the back of your book!

Cost: 50% of original project fee


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